Thursday, July 22, 2010

Iphones, Planes and Pleasure

I woke up early yesterday morning with great anticipation. I was catching a plane to Greensboro, North Carolina. The official reason for the trip was to attend the DPE Summer Board meetings. It just so happens that I will be staying at my son's and daughter in law's place and sharing a room with my granddaughter.

I had finally gotten a decent flight to North Carolina. I usually arrive in Raleigh late in the evening and don't reach Winston-Salem until after Riley my has gone to bed. But this flight was to get me into Greensboro (only 20 minutes away from Winston) by 4:00 p.m.

Except my iphone failed me!!!!!!! I landed in Chicago, easily moved through customs and was at the gate in enough time (or so my iphone told me) to have lunch and hang out for a while. My flight left at 1:08 p.m. When I got to the gate after I had eaten and read for a while it was 12:10 - almost an hour until the flight took off.

Except in Chicago it was 1:10 - my iphone hadn't changed time zones - and I hadn't checked the local time anywhere.

I went on standby at 4 and landed in Greensboro by 7:00 p.m. Too late to spend any time with Riley - a disappointment - but in plenty of time to visit with Jay and Dori.

It is earning season so Dori was focused on that work which allowed Jay and me to go out for dinner. We walked over to the 4th Street Filling Station and sat on their deck/patio. It was hot (still over 85 degrees) and humid but the conversation was delightful. We ate and talked and talked some more.

When we were done we walked down to the Tate - a new restaurant/bar on 4th just past Cherry - the 'action' street in Winston-Salem. There we had some drinks and a cheese plate and talked even more.

The talking continued until we eventually made it home around 10 p.m.

I always look forward to spending time with my children. Riley is a very special little girl in my life but she isn't the only child in my life. Despite the fact that my children are all adults now the time spent with them - especially time spent where we actually engage in each other's lives - is precious and is savoured.

The next few days will be filled with pleasure - I am enjoying being on the DPE Board - and spending time playing with my granddaughter and being with my children can't be beat

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