Sunday, July 09, 2006


We're visiting our friend Bernie in Victoria as part of this trip to the west coast. Victoria is a spectacular little city on Vancouver Island. The weather is perfect - a little rain but that only makes everything green and lush. It has been warm and sunny for the time we have been here.

Bernie lives with his two sons. His younger son attends University and is working this summer for Bernie's older son Nathan. Nathan is confined to an electric wheel chair. When we have been with Nathan we have seen him use that chair to exercise his independence.

But Nathan is independent in many other ways. Thanks to his father's deep interest in sports and his willingness to include his son in that interest Nathan is extremely knowledgeable about almost any sport you can name but more importantly he is extremely competitive.

Which is how Nathan will end up in Vienna and Rio De Janeiro later this year.

Nathan and Aden (his brother - and for the summer at least his caregiver) are in London, Ontario where Nathan was competing in the national Bocci Ball competitions - in which he won his class. He has been promoted to the 'real' Canadian national team - he was previously on the 'alternate' national team.

Making the national team means that Nathan (with a caregiver) will be traveling to compete for Canada at the international level. It is an amazing feat for Nathan. It has taken determination, a highly competitive nature, talent and some terrific support from his Dad and the rest of his family.

I have encouraged Nathan to maintain a blog about his adventures on the national team - I hope he takes this challenge too..

Now to figure out how to keep track of the results of his competitions!!