Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coffee Shops and accomplishment

The summer is flying by. I decided to take a little while today and make a list. You know the kind of list I am talking about - this list will include everything that needs to be done, that I want to do, that I should do and things that I like to dream about.

This kind of list, in my experience, can only be written in a coffee shop. If I write it at home then home/family things dominate the list. If I write it at work then work items dominate the office. But a coffee shop seems to neutral - actually even better than neutral - they inspire creativity, imagination.

I went downtown to Atlantis so I could sit outside in the shade (my usual place is Starbucks but the sun shines directly on the outside tables in the afternoon)

In less than an hour I created a list of 53 items. Many of them short term todo things - eg. make doctor appointment, etc. Others were long term things - eg. stick to my diet

The list was easy to make - thanks to the coffee shop - now will the accomplishment be as easy because of the list?

Stay tuned - I'll report on my accomplishments

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