Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Semester's End

I taught my last EBUS 350/351 class for the semester today and I feel a bit nostalgic. I see these students for the first time in a course in the fall of their (theoretical for some) third year and then we all graduate to two courses together in the winter. I get to know them quite well and I like that. I follow all of them into their internship but will only supervise 4 or 5 out of the 10 that will intern in the Fall of 2008.

This group, like many of the groups before them, have been interesting both as a group and as individuals. I have enjoyed this year.

And yes, Megan, I will miss you all.

Tonight BESS - the Business Education Students' Society - had their windup and I attended for an hour or so. Many of the second year students were there and I realized that I am going to miss a 'generation'

I won't be teaching classes in the Fall and will be on sabbatical in the winter. They will be in capable hands but I won't get to know this next group in the same way. It really does feel like I will be missing a generation.

But there is one more class for me to tend to - the graduate research class - and a whole lot of marking. And then the semester will be done