Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another day in Paradise

This is our second full day in San Diego and really our first 'holiday' day. Despite waking up early we still took our time. We walked to the Lowe's resort to have starbucks coffee on their deck overlooking the bay. It was clear and hot and truly another day in paradise.

Yesterday I was taken with describing my growing relationship with Hunter. In fact another thing happened that was noteworthy. Since Mark has been at California Western School of Law I have been dealing with a woman in the business office who has helped immeasurably in figuring out how to get Mark's tuition paid. Deb Roper is her name and she made life an awful lot easier for me. So yesterday we bought flowers and we went down to the school to pay the last of Mark's tuition and to meet and thank Ms. Roper. She was delightful and delighted that we thought enough of her to bring the flowers.

Lunch was downtown at the Burger Lounge with Reesa and Hunter – I walked with Hunter to occupy him for some of the time – we took turns so he wouldn't be bored and we could eat. He s quite the flirt – at one point he made eyes at a young woman who was working hard trying to get her store ready for opening. The next thing I knew we were inside the store and she was oohing and ahhing over him.

The afternoon passed by and we ended up going for dinner and then wandering Orange street looking for ice cream.


I loved my grandchildren before they were born and I fell deeper in love with them when I saw them as infants.

Today I feel even deeper in love with my grandson Hunter.  I held him and played with him this morning and again this afternoon.  He cooed at me, talked to me, smiled and laughed at me - it is impossible to resist those invitations to love and hold and nurture.

His parents have the responsibility but there is no question that I have the joy - or at least my part of the joy.

We all have the future in our minds when we see and interact with babies.  They have so much in front of them and in our world in Canada and the U.S. they have the opportunity to become well educated, financially stable and contributing members of society.

But I work hard to stay in the moment - he is an infant now - 6 months old - and I focus on the incredible joy he brings me just by looking at me and making those beautiful sound.