Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogs - love and hate

I appreciate what this blog has done for me. In many ways it makes me become more observant and more aware of my day, my thoughts, and what people do and say around me. And I enjoy writing about those things.

But I hate the feeling of not having anything to say, not having an idea to expand upon or to think through. That happens all too often. I write this blog at night - perhaps I should try writing it in the morning when I am fresher and usually can think more clearly.

But the love outweighs the hate (as is the case in most of life for me) and I keep coming back to this project.

And I enjoy encouraging others that are just beginning.

Esther Segal is one of my friends who has been dabbling in blog writing for a while. She is an author and used to be a colleague of mine in the Faculty of Education. She is off on another adventure now and I encourage you to read her blog to find out about her new adventure. Her blog is called after her first book which was called Tales Out of School. An interesting read if you ever wonder about what memories we hold of school.