Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring and Conferences

It is desperately trying to be spring here in Regina. It warms a bit, the sun comes out, snow melts flooding the streets and the next day we are back in the deep freeze except now the streets are icy. In some ways it is an ugly time of year - the snow doesn't have that pristine quality - in places it is dark and dirty, craggy and half melted, half frozen.

Yet it is also a great time of year - we are so tired of winter that any change is welcomed. Which is why we see people walking around in shirtsleeves even though the temperature is still -10 degrees Celsius. But soon the snow will be gone, frosts will be a thing of the past and the mosquitoes will be brewing in sitting water!

Another good thing about spring is the Saskatchewan Business Teachers Association (SBTA) Spring Conference.

This year it is going to be at the University of Regina and it looks like we've put together a terrific program - now all we need is to get the teachers to attend. We've been advertising and sending out emails and the response hasn't been bad so far.

I enjoy this conference. These days I have taught more or less all of the people that attend. Some I taught long ago and others just a few years ago. It is always good to catch up and find out how their lives have taken shape after they left my program.

The conference is on May 4 and 5 - if you'd like more information contact me

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