Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Art - Visual and Music

I am fascinated by the process of making art. I envy those that learned the skills, had the talent, persevered and can produce art.

My main enjoyment of art is music - I had a chance early in life to immerse myself in music but like many other kids I resisted and lost whatever skills I had during the years when I was only an observer/listener.

The process of creating visual art is amazing to me - I have no background in this area and I am sure I have no talent. So when I see a person turning a blank piece of paper into something recognizable it blows me away. They must see the world in such a different way than I see the world.

But then for a person to put music and visual art together is incredible.

Watch this video - I hope you like Ray Charles (who doesn't like Ray Charles????????


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