Sunday, March 18, 2007

Business, this blasted cold and other stuff

It has been 2 weeks since I have posted anything here. The subject line says it all. I am now on the downside (I hope) of the sixth cold I have suffered through since September! There was a 4 or 5 day period where anything but sitting still was out of the question. Being in bed wasn't an option because of the coughing, the incessant coughing

The Regina Business Education Association meeting that I talked about in the prior post was a great success. There were 35 or so business educators from all types of schools and institutions. We had a good business meeting where we discussed the role and purpose of the organization and came up with an idea for providing resources to our members. Then the pre-interns made a presentation describing the Personal Financial Management course they are developing.

The professional development idea was to have business educators share innovative lesson plans. I sent out an email soliciting these lesson plans and lesson plan ideas and offered to edit and format them and then to produce a cd with all of the submissions. I also suggested that we have a section of the cd that would list websites that have business education lesson plans. I have had a great response - many people have sent in ideas, lesson plans and interesting websites.

If you are reading this and have lesson plans and/or ideas for lesson plans and/or lesson plan websites please let me know.

The other stuff has to do with the Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education. I am on a committee that is dealing with interdisciplinary teaching and learning in Business and Economic Education. If you are involved in or know of these kinds of initiatives or if you just have thoughts about interdisciplinarity in Business Education please let me know

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