Monday, July 30, 2012

Home (?) At Last

Last night we slept for the first time in our new Scottsdale home.  The last couple of posts have described a bit about our efforts at outfitting this place but I don't think I have told the whole story here.

A few years ago we bought a vacation home in Belize.  We were in on the ground floor of a new development being done by a friend.  We were amongst the first to give them the go ahead to build our place.  We made adjustments, reconfigured some of the house design and eventually our casita was finished - number 14 in Caribbean Blue.  You can see the progress of building here .

Unfortunately we have been waiting for too long for the development to progress and to become anywhere close to operational.  We decided to give up on that property and look for something a bit more reliable and closer to home.

Our friends Sheldon and Tannis Mindell had been talking about buying a vacation home too so we teamed up and decided to buy together.  Three years of looking and debating and discussing. And finally early this year the right place came available at the right price and we bought it.

Arrangements were made to have renovations and upgrading before we came to Scottsdale.  We held back on a number of things like the final painting until we got here to ensure that the colours were right, etc.

Last Sunday we all arrived and spent the week buying everything necessary to make this place into our home away from home - beds, couches, chairs, tables, etc.

Although all of the renovations aren't quite complete Helene and I moved in on Sunday and spent the night here for the first time.

We are looking forward to many nights here - holiday, getaway or just plain living nights