Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goodbye and Hello

We left Miami on Sunday morning, August 14 around noon. Saying goodbye to Stacey wasn't easy but she is in a good apartment, she has good work to do, she has some family around and she is a strong determined young woman. So we said our goodbyes and postponed thinking about our empty nest in Regina by focusing on our trip to Tallahassee.

We took I-95 to around Orlando and then crossed over to I-75. Its about a 7 and a half hour trip on wide, open fast highways. There are lots of trees lining the Interstates so it was difficult seeing the countryside. For most of the trip we were lost in our own thoughts which is unusual as we normally talk a lot while we drive.

Tallahassee is a very pleasant, spread out city. I get the feeling that there is lots of room here - unlike Miami where everything seemed pushed together despite the long distances between where ever we were and where ever we wanted to go.

Jay, Dori and Riley live in a beautiful house in the north end of the city. Their neighbourhood is very treed and seems like they live in the middle of a forest. The trees, bushes and flowers make the surroundings very lush and beautiful.

Jay welcomed us with a traditional Kesten Sunday night dinner - hot dogs and french fries - it was a welcome relief from the restaurant meals we have been eating for the last few weeks.

A young woman comes in to take care of Riley so we are free to play with Riley all we'd like but then Bree can take care of her while we do our own things. After playing with Riley Monday morning we found our way to Costco and bought a few things including a new GPS. We then used the GPS to explore a few parts of Tallahassee.

We're going to explore the city and find a few things to have fun with here over the time we are here.