Wednesday, August 01, 2012


We're in and basically settled in our new place in Scottsdale.  I am enjoying the area.

I seem to enjoy the desert.  A few years ago we spent some time in Joshua Tree National Park just outside of 29 Palms California and I fell in love with the desert

The area around our condo is populated but the way the developments are built it actually looks very rural - very desert.  The spaces are open and there is a lot of sky - yet all around us are mountains

We are just over a kilometre from a little shopping mall with a Frye's (a supermarket), some restaurants, our bank and a Starbucks.  In the winter it will be a nice walk - right now it is like walking on the surface of the sun. 

There is a clubhouse on site here - they call it the great room - with a theatre, a gym and a large pool with a larger deck surrounding it.  It is quite comfortable and they always have ice water, iced tea and coffee available = as well as popcorn

Tomorrow we move out and into a hotel near the airport and then on Thursday we're on to Boston