Monday, August 11, 2008


I normally write these entries in the morning about the day before. But this morning there wasn't time to write about yesterday. We were up at 5:30 and on the road at 6:30. I'll write about today's adventures tomorrow morning.

Yesterday we decided we wanted to see Cape Cod. We have been to a few places on the Cape but really hadn't spent a full day exploring. Jay and Dori pointed out that one of the most interesting places on Cape Cod was Provincetown. So we headed for Provincetown.

Provincetown is at the far tip of Cape Cod. It is truly an interesting place. Read about it here.

It took over two hours to get there but it was a lovely drive. It is always nice to just be in our children's company so that was the first pleasure. The scenery is typical New England. Lots of trees, very green and I expected to see Ichabod Crane around every corner.

Provincetown itself is very interesting. It reminds me a lot of Key West - in fact we heard an artist who was selling his paintings on the street say that he spent his summers in Provincetown and his winters in Key West.

The main street is narrow and filled with restaurants, art galleries, t-shirt shops and other assorted touristy stores - mouthwatering fudge the signed said!

We had lunch sitting on the deck right on the main street - fish and chips for me and a lobster roll for Helene. I think she is practicing for Halifax.

Last night was chinese take out and women's gymnastics at the Olympics.

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