Thursday, July 08, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am trying to once again get in the habit of writing an entry here at least once a day - but for some reason tonight I am not able to focus on just one idea to develop here. So I will write some random thoughts.

1. Why don't I get Soccer? Am I so used to focusing on the scoring that I am blind to the process?
2. Its great having a Queen but what's the real point? And what on earth will we do with Charles as king?
3. Intelligent company, good conversations and good food and drink are one of the true pleasures in life - tonight was one of those nights.
4. Why do so many people agree with my statements that the primary purpose of our Faculty of Education is to work towards ensuring that the children of southern Saskatchewan are taught by the best prepared teachers in the world but behave in their professional lives in ways that totally ignore that purpose?